Baby Safety Knee Pads

$2.49 $3.99

Keeps Baby's Knees Safe - Ensure that difficult timber flooring and concrete won't deter your baby from crawling with those fashionable knee pads! Your child's frame and skin are delicate, so don't allow them to tear or bang up their knees on wonky surfaces. When the infant makes a decision to start standing, these may even guard knees all through those inevitable first falls!

Functional and Adorable - These aren't your ordinary motorcycle or skating knee pads. They're elegant and a laugh and the extensive form of colorations enhances your fashion and your baby's clothing.

Also Acts As Leg Warmers - In the one's chilly fall, iciness, and spring months, infants will appearance cute and sense relaxed and warm with these knee pads, which double as leg warmers! Don't forget to throw on an identical scarf!

One Size - Stretchy to suit the one's cute baby legs!

Choose Your Color or Mix and Match With Baby's Wardrobe With The Options Below!

Single-Color Knee Pads:

- Light Grey

- Dark Grey

- Pink

- Deep Blue

- Seafoam Green

White With Colored Pads:

- Light Blue

- Red

- Pink

- Yellow

- Green

- Orange


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