Baby Diaper Cover Wrap Cartoon Print Nappy Changing Reusable Baby Cloth

Diaper Material:
  • Outer Layer:   Waterproof Printed PUL/TPU
  • Inner Layer:    Soft Suede Cloth Inner
How many diapers do you need?
  • Newborn to 4 months -20~30 diapers
  • Infant (4 to 10 months) -20~25 diapers
  • Toddler (over 10 months) -15~20 diapers
  • It depends on how often you do laundry.
  • Size: For babies weighing 3 - 15 kg (6.5–32pounds)
  • Dimensions of insert:  35cm in length (13.77``) X 13.5cm in width (5.31``)
  • Wash temperature:   Under 30°C. (Less than 86 °F) (ATTENTION: Please wash diaper cover and the insert separately, 
Please do not wash diapers together with your other clothes. You can add a little salt in the water when you wash diapers  
One size design:  S.M.L all in one size. (Please adjust the button according to the body size of baby)

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