Why Toys Are Important For Kids?

Kids can explore a wide range of material from games, puzzles, and toys. Toys provide kids a chance to learn new skills. Toys are a basic necessity in family care. Good baby toys are the ones that can be used in more ways and can be used by kids at various development stages. The toy that is fun for the kids, helpful in their development needs and personality is considered good. Good baby toys inspire the active play that requires some physical task that needs to be done. Toys should be sturdy and well made. Toys lend themselves to more than one use and it should challenge the kids but not to frustrate them. Younger kids require toys that build on learning for basics and strengthening their motor skills, while on the other side older children require toys that are more challenging and stimulating. By playing kids may learn and toys are the gadgets that give them a chance to explore the world while achieving the purpose of toys. This is precisely the reason that they interact with their surroundings through toys. Toys provide a lot of enjoyment, entertainment, and happiness, as these are the keys to build their self-esteem.

Importance of toys

Toys play an integral role in the development and nourishment of kids. Following are some of the good ways in which the purpose of toys is served

Thinking skills Development

Toys good for children as they help them using their senses to explore the toy, identifying their color and the shapes and being creative and problem solver.

Social development

Kids learn about sharing things that interest them. Toys help them to interact with other kids helping in cooperation. Toys affect child development by giving them the confidence to take the responsibility of using material and then returning back to their places.

Emotional development

Toys affect child development emotionally by experiencing their own abilities and powers. They get satisfied by completing the task and enhance their imagination by using the creativity of their thinking and mind.

Physical development

Children develop their physical strengths and abilities while playing with toys as they use their muscles while performing the activities. Toys help them to practice their visual skills and encourage them to coordinate their eyes and hand movements.

Kid when plying with toys, they manipulate, experience, explore and experiment to learn new concepts and toys affect child development by developing skills while having all the fun. Despite changes with time and technology, the sole merit of playing has remained unbiased and unchanged. Toys have always been used to enhance the imagination power of kids and keep children’s minds occupied and entertained.

Toys appropriate for babies by age groups

Buying the best toys by age for kids during their lifetime is crucial because kids are learning new skills and showing different interests at various developmental stages. What toys are appropriate for what age means finding a toy that fits well with their age group, interests level, and abilities. When children are small and young, it is also crucial for their health, so that they are not exposed to toys that are either so small or tiny enough to cause a choking hazard. Good baby toys need to suit their developmental stages and developing skills. Various safe and suitable playing materials can be found at home. Children of different ages can use boxes of cardboard, bowls made up of plastic or silicon and lids, bottle plastic cap and others in many ways.

Age - Newborn Babies

The growth of babies from their birth till six months is quite rapid, and babies take pleasure in learning and exploring new surroundings. Best baby toys will help babies on this exciting exploration project. For the first three months, the newborn isn't able to do much more than observing the surroundings. Do babies need toys is quite a tricky question, well newborn babies like to follow their eyes to see surroundings and they attract towards faces and bright colors. Newborns babies are not well aware of the toys but having few toys to attract them is good at this stage. Newborn baby toys should be soft with easy and comfortable handling. Most good baby toys are also a fun way for babies and their parents to interact with each other. As for babies, every inch of the surrounding is of interest, it’s nice to have some cool and explorative things to chill with on the floor of the living room. Baby's sense of hearing is very much developed at the time of birth, the baby can head towards you with the sound of the voice. The hearing will also help the infant to find a noisy toy to play with. Good baby toys are textured colorful, comfortable handling, and often make noises.

Best toys for Newborn babies

 The toys of the following features are best for newborn babies to play and grab their attention,

  • Colorful and multi-textured design
  • Bumps for comfortable handling of tiny hands
  • Rattling and noise producing toys
  • Multisensory toys
  • Colorful and soft fabric mats

These below toys are a good fit for your newborn baby…

Age - 1 to 6 Months Old Babies

As the baby grows, this stage will enhance the sensory senses, especially the senses of sight, sound, and touch. Babies are born with an ability to grasp from the time of birth, but infants probably won't start to develop and use this skill until they are about three months of age. Toys are a great gift for babies to master the grab and grip technique. About the time baby is about five months of age, the exploration of toys begins by putting it in the mouth. Baby has firm control over the tongue and lips than initially on his hands and fingers. Baby's mouth has nerve endings more than any other part of his body. Toys should be designed and made by keeping the safety in mind at this level and make sure they are durable, most importantly non-toxic materials without sharp corners. Never tie a toy with a string or rope with the cot or crib, as these can pose a risk of strangling. The baby may be able to start sitting up by the age of six months, which will give him a whole brand-new perspective of the world. There'll be a lot of toys in his field of vision. Babies are looking forward to learning about the surrounding vicinity, and they have a lot to learn. A learning experience for them is any new shape, color, texture, taste, or sound. Babies are intrigued by toys with contrasting colors and this stimulates their developmental vision.

Best Toys For 6 Months Babies

The toys of the following features are best for 6-months old babies to play,

  • Unbreakable mirrors
  • Nursery rhymes books and poems books
  • Toys with recordings of sounds.
  • Soft and colorful stuffed toys
  • Stuffed fabric balls

These below toys are a good fit for your 6 months old baby…

Age - 6 To 9 Months Old Babies

An infant aged 6-12 months participates more through laughing, sitting, walking, babbling running, pulling to the furniture items, and maybe very close to taking their first steps towards walking. Best baby toys at this age include the perspective of cause and effect, that are often operated by batteries that play sound music or push a button to complete the fun activities. Babies often begin dump-and-fill play at this age, bringing in and out of containers large toys.

Baby is also becoming conscious of the things that still exist at this level, even when the baby is no longer able to see or feel them. This means that if he didn't see it, the baby would miss a favorite stuffed toy and will look for it around. Children around this age also become mobile. By sitting up unassisted, rolling on the stomach, rocking back on hands and knees, and pulling themselves up to stand is a short or two developmental stages. Babies' teeth are starting to emerge, so they need toys that are durable and safe so that they can put in the mouth and chew at the same time. At this age, baby gets a small understanding into their own thoughts, ability to touch the things and activate the buttons by pressing it.

Best Toys For 9 Months Old Babies

The toys of the following features are best for 9-months old babies to play

  • Pretend to play things like dolls, vehicles, plastics, etc.
  • Take out and drop things like bowls, balls, etc.
  • Things that need muscle activity like large size balls, pull carts or trollies, etc.
  • Musical instruments
  • Blocks

These below toys are a good fit for your 9 months old baby...

Age - 9 to 12 Months Old Babies

Through crawling, running, or walking while holding on to something, Baby is usually able to make his way around the room by crawling or assisted walking by 9-months of age. He may be able to stand and even walk by 12-months of age. Often, Baby starts to use objects like devices, moving a ball with the help stick or chasing and playing with the carrots using a spoon across his plate. He's probably all interested in interactive games. The problem-solving skills of the baby are now developing. He would take a clear jar off the shelf to grab the toy he sees inside. And he begins to understand words and try to remember the names of the common objects.

A baby with freedom of movement and balance on all fours or two feet is more fascinated than ever. He's going to move, grab, and get into everything that was out of control previously. And this is the stage that needs childproofing. Baby is at the age where he puts everything in his mouth, that’s why it is important to look for best baby toys that are non-toxic and chewable along with added washable feature for easy cleaning and maintaining the hygiene.

Best Toys For 12 Months Old Babies

Good baby toys for them have the following features,

  • Walking toys like shopping trollies and strollers etc.
  • Wagons
  • Toys that are portable like nesting cups, portable remotes, and phones
  • Puzzles
  • Container toys
  • Babies books
  • Singing or dancing toys for educational learning
  • Toys used in bathing like water squirters, boats, etc.
  • Hand puppets
  • Shape sorter
  • Balls
  • Balancing toys

These below toys are a good fit for your 12 months old baby...

Age - 1 to 2 Years Old Babies

Toddlers are very energetic at this point, curious to explore all of their surroundings. They enjoy every kind of activity physically like dragging, thrusting, lugging, banging, emptying, and filling. Toddlers are eager about everything they see and enjoy exploring, examining, reading, learning and discovering in this wonderful age. Rattling toys, toys for outdoors, toys for riding, and simple toys such as blocks and puzzles for building are the best baby toys for toddlers. These toys help kids to relieve their tension and improve their motor skills and thinking abilities. Toys good for toddlers as they help them to play with a range of toys than the one, they used to play at younger ages. When their experience grows, the same toys that they played previously can provide them with new and different educational perspectives and understanding.  But they also want toys made specifically for their age groups. For the toddlers, the shape sorters' type of playing toys are great. Such toys show them how to fit related things and give their parents the chance to teach babies.

 Best Toys For A 1 Year Old Babies

A 1-year-old baby can walk slowly, normally, and even they can climb stairs. They like stories, they try to say words, and they can play and interact alongside other kids. They enjoy playing. Good baby toys for them have the following features,

  • Board books with pictures of real objects or simple illustrations
  • Recordings of songs, poems, stories, and images
  • To create things with markers, crayons, and papers
  • Phones toys, dolls, and baby strollers
  • cardboard and wood blocks
  • puzzles or toys with parts

These below toys are a good fit for your 1-year old baby...

Best Toys for A 2 Year Old Babies

Babies at this stage are learning and understanding the language rapidly, and they also developed a sense of danger. They start gathering physical learning from experimentation like falling from the heights, running, using their wrists for hanging, rolling, and playing in rough modes. They develop better hand and finger coordination and like to do stuff with objects like,

  • Problem-solving puzzles
  • Transportation toys
  • Things for creating by using hands grip like using pencils and papers
  • Picture books
  • Toys that use their small and large muscles like hammering and pounding toys

These below toys are a good fit for your 2-year old baby...


By playing, children can learn a lot.  It gives them the opportunity to interact, know, and have entertainment at the same time when kids are given toys to play with them.  An enjoyable learning environment helps children remember the things they learn and in this way, they develop a positive attitude.

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